Hello! I’m Karol

— a designer & web developer, crafting user interfaces, and design systems that make technology feel more human and friendly.

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Karol Krakowiak

Discover services that blend innovative design with practical web development to elevate your digital presence.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been weaving my magic as a front–end developer and designer, transforming tech jargon into sleek, user–friendly designs. It’s been a journey of pixels, code, and creativity, bringing ideas to life in the most intuitive ways possible.

As your 0→1 designer, my heart beats for startups and small businesses. I specialize in crafting the initial blueprint that sets your venture on the path to success, focusing on the essentials with a touch of uniqueness to make sure you shine from the start.

I’m all about making the web a better, more beautiful place for everyone.

Do you want to design something beautiful together? Let’s chat.

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